Architectural visualization studio

Virtual reality solutions for Architecture.

What if we could enter the rooms, open the doors, change the decor and still maintain photorealism !

Our Virtual reality Applications

with our virtual reality solutions you can transport users into a fully interactive 3D environment, giving them the opportunity to explore a virtual representation of a particular room, floor, or building design as a whole.

Apartment configurator

you can compose freely, accurately and playfully your interior, with a few clicks

Virtual Interior

Take a stroll through your unbuilt property and its surroundings while experiencing each element in an ultra-realistic virtual environment

Property Configurator App

We can package your visualisations into an app, users can download on their Android or iOS device. Show them every angle of your project.

Web-Based Configurator

Customize your kitchen to suit your personality and space. Our solution will help you design effortlessly.

360° Virtual Tour

Cad Design is a 3D visualization studio based in Marrakech Morocco ,we specialize in photorealistic 3D rendering and virtual reality solutions of the highest quality for a diverse range of architectural and design product. We produce solutions all around the world for developers, construction companies, architects, interior designers, real estates agencies and investing groups.

Archviz & VR

3D visuals and animation are suited not only for entertainment purposes, but also ideal for technical illustration, architectural visualisation, education and promotion.


Our 3D design studio has over 10 years of experience in creating 3d animations and 3d visualizations ,interior design services for architects, designers, real estates agencies and investing groups


We are always happy to discuss new ideas and how visuals can be tied into digital resources. virtual reality apps,product configurator, augmented reality or other.

360 Panoramas

Showcase your virtual tours in VR mode right from the browser.

Photorealistic CGI for Exteriors & Interiors
of residential, commercial,
retail and special projects.

Exterior Animation
Interior Animation
3D Flythrough

Full Real-time Walk-Throughs
3D Interactive Presentations
Product Configurator
Headset Compatible Models

Augmented Reality

Real estate AR apps
Retail AR apps

Scale floorplans in colour showcasing finishes in 3D.